Founded in 1994, Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately held Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri Group corporation, which also includes Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri II and Techno Indonesia.
With its roots in custom injection molding, Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri today is a leading supplier of contract manufacturing services and injection molded plastic parts to companies in a range of industries. We have a prestigious customer base and a commitment to customer satisfaction, responsible growth, financial stewardship and environmental sustainability. Our stability of ownership, professional leadership team and experienced workforce sets us apart from many of our competitors.
Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri leadership is quality-based and results driven. We excel at close-tolerance precision mold making, molding and contract assembly within a matrix of competencies geared toward innovative problem solving and speed to market.
Our innovative engineering and program management capabilities operate in a culture of zero defects and continuous improvement. We standardize equipment, systems, and procedures at all Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri facilities to ensure quality, maximize efficiency and minimize costs.




Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri's vision is to be a major player in the electronic and automotive industry.

Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri's mission is to be technologically advance and competitive that provides system, that is enviromentally friendly and comply to all goverment regulation to the electronic and automotive industry

Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri recognizes the importance of the putting the following values into practice. These principles guide our decisions, our actions and ultimately lead to our success :

- We ensure a safe work environment. We maintain a physically safe facility, and provide a workplace where employees can freely express their professional opinions, beliefs and ideas.

- We uphold a culture of respect and dignity. We take pride in the contributions and diversity of ideas of our team members, and endeavor to understand each other by putting ourselves “in one another’s shoes.”

- We inspire empowerment. We encourage problem-solving, communication and employee involvement at every level of the company. We strive to continually learn, adapt and move forward.

- We act in stewardship. Employees carefully manage company resources as if they were their own, and respect our customers’ time, financial investments, and the work they entrust to us.

- We appreciate the importance of a work-life balance, and we recognize that the best balance between work, family, self, friends, and community is different for each individual. We know that a positive work-life balance drives each individual in attaining achievement and enjoyment in their daily pursuits.

Beyond responding to customers' needs to further grow the business, Tri-Saudara Sentosa Indusri also formally measures customer satisfaction on a yearly basis around four criteria:

- 98% on time delivery

- Production total yield 90%

- 0% Reject Customer

- 2% Material Waste





1994: Established Company

1995: Start Injection operation with 6 machines

1997: Start Molding operation

1998: Start 2nd Process operation

2004: Move to new injection building

2005: ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified

2011: Build new plant at Jl Pinang Blok F17 No 3, Delta Silicon 3





At Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri, our commitment to quality plastic injection molding is the foundation of our business. It's why the most successful companies trust us with their most challenging new products and why we've built a global infrastructure that our customer have come to rely on.

Tri-Saudara Sentosa takes a proactive approach to quality in five key areas of manufacturing:

Process Control: Tri-Saudara Sentosa achieves process control through adherence to robust tooling standards.

Global Standardization: Tri-Saudara Sentosa has implemented a comprehensive plant and equipment standardization program across all of our locations to help reduce manufacturing process variation and improve quality.

Investment in Technology: As a privately held company, with continuity of ownership and leadership, Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri manages its business for the long-term and has consistently invested in quality-critical technology.

Workforce Training and Development: Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri invests heavily in both salaried and hourly workforce training with a focus on quality to ensure its associates are trained in the latest technology, customer requirements and manufacturing techniques.

Disciplined Problem Solving: Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri utilizes a systematic approach to problem solving where cross-functional teams utilize tools to arrive at effective solutions







We know that you have choices
when it comes to injection
molding companies but you will
not find anyone else more dedicated
to producing top quality components
to help your business thrive. With Tri-Saudara Sentosa Industri, you will
receive personalized service
and attention to detail
to ensure your satisfaction. 





Our Responsibility

To continuously improve
our people, procedures and
technology to surpass our
customers’ needs.

How we will always act:
Constant Respect for People
Uncompromising Integrity

Where we will
continuously improve: 

Product Quality
Service to our Customers
Market Share Sustainability 
Financial Stability

How we will do it: 
Innovation Communication &
Vision Education, Training and
Empowerment Working Smarter